Drew Sebastian

Drew Sebastian

Drew Sebastian Biography

Drew Sebastian's road to the industry began in 2010, during a trip to San Francisco's famous Folsom Street Fair. Because of his unapologetic love for sex and being watched. He said "it stands to reason that I would find a place in the porn world. I've got the looks. I was blessed with great genes and a massive cock. Plus, I simply love sex." He followed the advice of a friend who suggested that he contact companies who were filming during the event. Of the studios he reached out to, it was the offer from bareback porn titan, Treasure Island that he picked to launch his debut.

And with his effortlessly masculine image and enormous 10-inch schlong, he was soon snatched up by other top dogs like Hot House Entertainment, Raging Stallion, Lucas Entertainment, and more.

When he isn't busy making his loyal fans happy, he enjoys cooking, watching movies, and traveling.

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